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This plugin create a top list of the posts with the more quantity of facebook likes or comments on your website. You can create a new list and select the type (Likes or Comments List), how many elements you want to display, the type of posts do you want to apply the list (e.g. posts, pages, posts format, post category, etc) and other features!

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You can download and install Facebook Top Like & Comment List Plugin using the built in WordPress plugin installer. If you downloaded manually, make sure it is uploaded to “/wp-content/plugins/facebook-top-like-comment-list/”.

Activate Facebook Top Like & Comment List in the “Plugins” admin panel using the “Activate” link.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to create a new list?

In the admin panel, in the left, go to “Facebook Top List”. In the top of the page you will find a button called “Add New List”. Once you clicked, you can create a new Facebook TOP List.

2. How to select to what the list will applied?

When you create a new facebook top list, in the metabox called “Apply Top to” you can select to what the list apply. You cam select between 4 options:
a. Post Type (Posts and Pages).
b. Post Category (Uncategorized and your own categories).
c. Post Format (All the post formats except Standard).
d. Post Taxonomy (Uncategorized and your own taxonomies).

3. How can list my own custom post types?

Sadly, the plugin only lists the default posts (i.e. posts, pages). In the future version the plugin will list custom post types.

4. How can I use the generated Lists?

Use the shortcode that the plugin provides you in the page where are the Facebook TOP Lists. Paste the shortcode wherever you want to display the list (e.g. sidebar, content, footer, etc) or use it in your template code. An example of the shortcode:

[fb_top_list id="312" title="List1"]
5. How can I customize the List?

When you create a new Facebook TOP List in the metabox called “Select the style of the list” select de option “Custom”. Then, create a function called “fb_top_print_element” in your theme’s “functions.php” file like this:

function fb_top_print_element( $fb_top_id, $fb_top_count, $fb_top_link, $fb_top_title, $fb_top_votes){ }

Once you do this, you can use all the variables like the id, the number, the link, the title, the number of likes or the number of comments of the element of the list. Keep in mind that you write the custom code in the “fb_top_print_element” function for only one element. Then, the same code will apply to each elements of the list. For example, you can copy this code below:

function fb_top_print_element( $fb_top_id, $fb_top_count, $fb_top_link, $fb_top_title, $fb_top_votes){
 echo "Post ID: ".$fb_top_id.", Number: ".$fb_top_count.", Link: ".$fb_top_link.", Title: ".$fb_top_title.", Likes/Comments: ".$fb_top_votes."<BR>";


1. Adding new List


2. Using the shortcode


3. Aspect of the Default list


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